Friday, January 11, 2008

Winter blahs

I've been sitting here staring at the screen for ages. I want to rant about the rain and gloom, but I can't seem to round-up my thoughts to produce some kind of coherent sentence. My brain is as soggy as the weather.

So, a bit of a knitting update for now.

I finished the main part of the pink baby blanket last week and started on the border. I had hoped to work on this all through last weekend and finish it up this week, but I got sidetracked. I really want to get this done so I can get to something else (I have been having cashmere dreams!).

Here is the sock of the week - just your basic sock. Yarn was a gift from my son's girlfriend.

This is what sidetracked me from the blanket border last weekend. My office neighbour had been complaining of cold hands all last week so I decided to try knitting my first pair of fingerless mitts. She was pleased by the gift and has been wearing them every day.

I searched Ravelry for a pattern and ended up using this one as a starting point. I used the garter rib stitch I have used so many times in socks. Yarn was Dream In Color Smooshy (Wisteria) left over from a pair of socks. A quick and satisfying project.

Given that I've been in a doom and gloom kind of mood, there has been some stash improvement purchases - online shopping is my answer to good and bad moods! Some of the purchases have started coming in. I'll post photos next time.


Grace Yaskovic said...

I totally agree about retail therapy!!!!

smariek said...

I love the color of those mitts! I just recently discovered fingerless mitts too, and have made two so far. The second was with fingerling weight yarn and 2.75mm needles, the smallest I've ever used. If I get comfortable with this, there may be hope for me to try knitting socks!

Oh, I understand what you mean about online shopping. ;-)

jayne said...

The weather has been crap lately, but not today! Today is brilliant. Get outside for few minutes if you can.

Love the mitts, and the pic of you wearing the shawl under your jacket like that.

Goodness, woman, you can knit socks!

junior_goddess said...

That's the best kind of gift-the kind the receiver uses EVERY DAY. WTG!