Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Socks Saga

In April 2004, I placed my first order with Elann for Sock It To Me Harlequin sock yarn and some DPNs. I had never knit socks, but an office friend and lunch-time knitting buddy kept insisting I should learn. When the (soon-to-become-extremely-familar) Elann white box arrived, I made my first attempt at socks - without success. A few days later, my second attempt ended up with me flinging yarn and needles across the room - those d... little needles were just useless in my fat hands. Sometime in 2005, I tried again and the sock yarn and DPNs soon found their way back into hibernation.

In 2006, I bought Cat Bordhi's book and also found a number of excellent tutorials online for knitting on two circulars. I was determined to knit some socks before the year was over! I cut it very close. During my Christmas holidays, out came the sock yarn and circular needles. Two days short of the new year, I had my first pair of socks:

I was hooked!

I did have a problem though ... no sock yarn in the stash!! I placed an emergency call to Urban Yarns. As much as I wanted yarn, I didn't want to make the trek there on the bus (I don't drive) - so I selected three different brands, asked the lovely ladies to surprise me with different colours and sent a courrier service to pick up the yarn! I ended up with some bright and cheerful Regia stripes, lovely Lorna's Shepperd Sock and ever so yummy Fleece Artist.

Of course, since then, my stash of sock yarn has grown to form its own little clique.

The sock family has grown since December. I'll try to post pictures of all the individuals, including those members who have flown the coop - but for now, a group portrait.

Just last weekend I finished a pair knit with one of my original purchase from Urban Yarns - the Lorna's Shepperd Sock:

This week's SIP (sock-in-progress):

This pair might take a bit longer to complete though as I am "cheating" on the socks this week - there is also a lace scarf on the needles which needs to be completed for an upcoming birthday.


junior_goddess said...

Are those Jaywalkers, Ghislaine? They look WONDERFUL!

benne said...


Look at all those beauiful socks! I'm glad you started a blog, I've been a long-time admirer of your knitting. The blog looks great. Thanks for the link!e

Joan said...

Welcome to Blogsville, Ghislaine! Your layout is fabulous! I also learned everything I know about socks from Cat Bordhi. But I give all mine away. Something's wrong with that.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Great start to your blog. And I think Alan Rickman is terrific. Have you seen The Winter Guest - the movie he directed?

CatBookMom said...

I wondered if the SIPs were Jaywalkers, before I read your previous 2 entries. Very nice start on a blog, and I love the punny name. Welcome to the blogosphere.

Les said...

Nice Blog, Ghislaine. Love your socks. I am just figuring out the sock thing. Have been knitting and frogging the toes of a pair trying to get the right length. Doesn't feel right if they are too long or too short!
How do your cat and your budgies get along?

smariek said...

Welcome to Blogland. You'll find it quite addictive and that it will eat into knitting time. Love all those socks you have and am looking forward to seeing individual photos of each.

Suzann said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Ghislaine. It will be great to see you knitting in larger pictures.
Love Alan Rickman and Sense and Sensibility, well Alan in most anything.
I linked you :-)