Monday, July 30, 2007

Unfinished Business

(Impeded by Indecision)

Some people have problems making life altering choices. I've had to make quite a few of those in my life, but I don't recall agonizing over any of them. For example, I never hesitated over moving from Montreal to Vancouver, alone with my four year old son (having never before set foot in Vancouver).

Give me a small, seemingly inconsequential, decision to make though and I will ponder for hours on end. Alternatively, I will make the decision quickly and then regret it and go back and try something else.

I have been doing this a lot with my knitting lately.

Back in May, I made a first attempt at knitting toe-up socks. I wasn't crazy about the heel, but I did knit both socks and they sat there, still on the needles, because I could not manage a loose enough cast-off. So last week I decided to rip them out and start again - top down. It was a perfectly good pair of socks. I'm sure if I had tried harder, I could have cast off in an acceptable manner and they could have been gifted or donated. But no, I had to start over.

So I now have one Monkey sock requiring only the toes to be finished.

While I was knitting this sock, I thought it would be too small. I had an office friend try it on (she is the same size as my intended giftee) and she said they were fine. Even though she said this, I kept thinking they should be looser.

I must be out of my mind!

Instead of giving in to my delusion of sock size, I cast on for another Monkey sock, this time in pink. I knit the first sock on 2.5mm needles and kept thinking as I was knitting along that it felt tight. Déjà vu anyone? I abandonned sock number one after finishing the heel and cast on sock number two with 2.75mm needles. I got a bit further on this one, but I think it is too loose. I am now looking for someone to give them a try before I decide which one goes to the frog pond.

Think that was silly? Here's the next one. Remember the birthday stole? I had knit a fair amount already on my Addi lace needles (4mm). Well, I started thinking that maybe the fabric created was not airy enough ... so I started again on slightly larger needles. There is a bit of a difference, but I still can't decide which one I prefer. I spent half an hour fondling each piece on Friday before finally shoving everything back in its bag and berating myself for being so wishy-washy.

A decision must be made soon on this one ... birthday is one month away. Anybody got a coin I could toss?


Grace Yaskovic said...

socks I would always go a bit tighter, but I don't knit them just wear them! The shawl I love the look of the fabric of the one on the right and I am curious what the pattern is. The colors are some of my favorite!! Have a wonderful evening Ghislaine!

junior_goddess said...

Socks, tighter. Floppy socks are annoying!

I am glad I am not the only person who waffles. Please pass the maple syrup!

Joan said...

G, we were separated at birth. I just frogged a perfectly good and completed Horcrux sock because I thought the leg might be too tall. Because I never knit socks for me, I am never sure they will fit which as you know causes anxiety. BTW the Monkey Socks don't have as much stretch in the leg as the normal sock.

Ghislaine said...

Thanks everyone!

Grace - I ended up sticking with my original cast on of the shawl (the one on the right side). Pattern is cover from Victorian Lace Today (Melon Stole).

Bets - Yum on the maple syrup!

Joan - You are right about the Monkey socks. I think same can be said for the Jaywalkers. I think my motto could easily be "If you don't like it, frog it!". I once frogged a perfectly good finished flower basket shawl to reknit it on only slightly larger needles!