Monday, August 13, 2007


I was shopping at my favourite store last week – the local Loonie store (or Dollar store for my American friends) and found some “Chinese Take-Out” boxes in a variety of colours. I thought they would be great packaging for sock gifting and bought 10 different colours. I’m sure I’ll be able to match the socks to each box when needed.

There was only one birthday-themed box:

A former office buddy is having a birthday at the end of this week and she is getting the Raspberry-Mocha socks I finished last week.

There are no photos of the socks featured in my last post on sizing dilemma because I have not finished any of them. I did find some volunteer "sock assessors". I have determined that the blue socks would indeed fit their intended recipient; however, I thought the Monkey sock pattern did not suit the yarn (it was just lost in the dark colour) – so I have yet again ripped that sock back and the yarn has gone back to the stash for a rest. The pink sock knit on the 2.25mm needles was too tight to fit over my volunteer’s average size foot. The sock knit with the 2.5mm needles was fine in the leg, but loose on the foot. I haven’t done anything yet, but I believe they will also be frogged and the socks will not be Monkeys but some kind of ribbed pattern which is more “forgiving”.

There has been some progress on the birthday stole. I ended up going with my original item knit on the smaller Addi lace needles. I have slightly more than half the pattern repeats completed. I am hoping to get the rest of it done this week and then I can start on the border.

I must admit that I really don’t enjoy working with lace weight mohair … and wouldn’t you know it … I have loads of it in my stash!

Stash Improvement Project:

I just can't help myself.


Grace Yaskovic said...

WHat a truly unique idea, I may have to borrow, I will check out the dollar store and see what they have, even just to put skiens of yarn in for swaps (since I don't do socks)

Joan said...

Stash improvement--LOL!

Brilliant ideas about the boxes! Must check my Dollar store.