Sunday, June 24, 2007

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon

Last weekend, I was thumbing through my Barbara Walker "Treasury" books, looking for nothing in particular. Eventually (in "Second Treasury"), I came across the stitch pattern called "Dragon Skin" and thought that I could add to my Harry Potter themed socks.

I had been wanting to start socks with some Yarn Pirate yarn I had received as part of a sock club. The pattern it came with didn't appeal to me and I was looking for something else. The colour way is "Ozone" - earthy shades of green, browns, turquoise. That seemed pretty "dragon-y" to me, so I cast on for dragon socks. I had just finished the ribbing on the first sock when a picture flashed in my mind: the bright green dragon from "The Paper Bag Princess" ... bright lime green yarn ... didn't I have some of that in The Stash?

I went Stash diving and surfaced with Sweet Georgia yarn - lime green. The colour name: "Dragon"!! It was just meant to be.

The Dragon Skin stitch pattern is a 26 stitch repeat. Three repeats would have been perfect for socks in my size, but I was way too lazy to figure out how to work out half patterns on each side (since I wanted the full pattern to run down the middle front). While I was knitting the pattern, it soon became obvious how I could have done this but on paper, I couldn't figure it out. I took the easy way out and filled in with seed stitch.

And finally, a picture on an actual foot! These socks are so soft and comfy - I can't wait for cool weather so I can wear them.

Before knitting the dragon socks, I knit these very cheery ones. Regia "Nation Colors". I believe they call this "Rainbow", but I think of it as Caribbean.

Spoiled Rotten

Friday (June 22) was my birthday.

In honour of the occasion, I took a few days off work. A couple of years ago, anxious to avoid the office hooplah that would come with reaching the "big five-oh", I took three days off. By the time I returned to work the next Monday, my birthday was forgotten and I decided to start a new tradition and make the birthday holiday a yearly event.

That doesn't mean, of course, that I want the day to be totally forgotten :)

My mother and brother called (they live in Quebec). My mom always calls at 8:45am - the time of my birth. I have always been thankful that I was not born at 2:00am!

My brother, who is a trucker, called from the road - he was driving through some little town in Georgia, heading back north after a trip to Florida.

My son and his girlfriend spoiled me rotten.

There was sock yarn from Michelle. She doesn't knit, but went in to Urban Yarns in North Vancouver where she says she was very well received and counseled. The lady who helped her suggested that she should buy yarn in a colour she liked since sock knitters were likely to return the favour by gifting back the completed socks!

Michelle also showed a crafty side I didn't know she had by making me a Gryffindor knitting needle holder. A great glass vase decoupaged in red/gold stripes and checks with the appropriate coat of arms.

My son, Chris, added to my Harry Potter collection:

Silver lightning bolt earrings and pendant.

Magical currency (galleon, sickle and knut). These are marvelous! Thick and heavy. I tried taking a closer shot, but I haven't yet mastered those with my new camera. The reverse side of the coins have the picture of a Gringotts goblin.

There were also books - catering to all my inner selves.

Robert Munsch has been a favourite since I first heard him tell "Mud Puddle" on Romper Room when Chris was just a baby. If you've never heard him tell one of his own stories, you can download audio files from the "Storytime" section of his website. Can anyone listen to or read "Love You Forever" without crying? This "Treasury" book had been on my Amazon wish list for quite a while. I thought it was funny that I would receive it now, just after finishing dragon socks inspired by one of stories.

A DVD set to keep me company while I knit.

I am hoping my new Addi lace needles came while I was away (I get things shipped to the office) so that I can start the orange birthday stole. In the meantime, more sock.


Grace Yaskovic said...

Very happy Belated Birthday, glad it was so enjoyable

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I just came your way via a comment left on our favourite Harlot's blog. A knitter and a Harry Potter fan who also can't make it through "Love You Forever" without crying. My kind of gal! And you just live on the other side of the water (I'm in Victoria). I'll definitely be back, and a happy belated birthday. My oldest daughter's was on the 21st. How did she get to be 20??


junior_goddess said...

Oh! I made Dragon Skin socks last year....the perfect two repeats for a sock, don't you think? I liked mine a lot!

Lisa W. said...

Happy belated birthday and HOLY COW! You are the Queen of Sox! Love those dragonscale socks! And I really like the seed stitch in between. NIce job. I scrolled down and read some of your archives..i can't believe how fast you knit those socks up.

benne said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ghislaine! Oh, I am in love with those fantastic green Dragonscale socks. Girl, you sure raked in a lot of good loot for your birthday, good for you!