Friday, June 15, 2007

RIP Boris

One of my budgies died tonight. Boris is the one on the lower perch in the photograph in the side bar.

I fell asleep on the couch watching TV this evening and woke up at 10pm. I decided I might as well turn in for the night, went to cover the cage and found Boris dead, head first in the water dish. I have no idea how it happened.

I had been expecting that Natasha would be the first to die - she has been having seizures for many months and regularly falls off her perch. I wonder how she will do without her long-time mate.

The pair of them have been with me for six years. My then-neighbour's husband was a mover and found them abandoned in an empty apartment he was moving people into. He brought them home but since they already had three budgies of their own, I took them in. They had been kept in a tiny little cage with hardly any space to flap their wings. I went out and purchased what I like to refer to as the "budgie condo" - a cage meant for a much larger bird like a parrot but, fortunately, with bars spaced close enough so it could house the smaller budgies. It took them a while to realize they didn't have to be squished together in a corner any more. It has been a much better life for them since then.

Things will be a lot quieter around here - Boris was the loud one. I wonder if Natasha will find her voice now that he is gone.



jayne said...

Poor Boris. Sorry for your loss, G.

Boris and Natasha, my DH would be pleased with the name choices.

DD was reading your blog with me and asked if you were a Potter fan (saw the countdown on the side), and then we saw your cat is called Mrs Weasely. Yup!

junior_goddess said...

Poor Boris! Natasha can't have a conspiracy alone! (Can't believe people abandon their pets like that. Setting animals up to starve is CRUEL!)

Have you talked to T about her HP sock project?

Ghislaine said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

I guess I am showing my age with the choice of names for Boris & Natasha :)

I can never get over how people can be so cruel to animals. I was never a "bird lady", but I just couldn't stand the treatment they had been subjected to. I just had to take them in. They have been a great source of amusement, especially when they were a bit younger.

He, he, he ... to say that I am a Potter fan would be a bit of an understatement!

I haven't talked to Theresa directly about her project ... but I was reading all about it on the Elann chat site earlier - she is quite ambitious!

Joan said...

I am so sorry, G. Look for her in the fireflies.

benne said...

I'm so sorry about Boris. You have given him and Natasha such a good home, thank goodness they came to your house. Boris looked like my budgie, Tweety Pie, who I got when I was 7. He died when I was a sophomore in high school. Boris and Natasha are classics - Bullwinkle and Rocky and the gang are the best cartoons ever IMHO.

Your monkey socks are great. I have printed the pattern with hopes of knitting some one day.

Nice gift for your friend, she'll be delighted.